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Frequently Asked Questions

To submit your AI tool, simply navigate to our submission page and fill out the provided form with details about your tool and its functionalities.

We aim to review all submitted AI tools within 24 hours of receiving them. This ensures a prompt evaluation process for our applicants.

No, your listing will never expire. Once the tool is published on our directory it will remain there indefinitely.

During the review process, we evaluate factors such as the functionality, performance, and uniqueness of the AI tool. We also assess its potential value and relevance to our users.

No, there is no limit to the number of AI tools you can submit. Feel free to submit as many tools as you like, each will be evaluated individually.

We accept a wide range of AI tools across various domains and applications, including but not limited to natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and more.

We manually review every tool submitted. If your tool is not approved for any reason, you will receive a full refund. Common reasons for a tool not being approved may be that the tool does not use artificial intelligence or is too explicit with adult content. Please be sure to include your tool URL when paying the one-time listing fee.

You can find your tool submission history in the User Center.

No, we cannot guarantee that listing your AI tool on AI Hunter will give you sales or traffic. Based on our traffic stats, it is likely that you will receive some clicks to your tool/website. As our website grows, so does your chance for exposure!

If you have any questions, Please contact us by email:

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Submit & advertise AI tool on the largest artificial intelligence directory
Submit & advertise AI tool on the largest artificial intelligence directory

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✔️ Forever Listing & Traffic.
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